Trump Probably Doesn’t Want to Delay the Election

I feel like the whole “delay the election” is not what it appears on the surface. I don’t think that the Trump administration actually has an eye on delay; it’s never been really done before and there’s no way the GOP has or ever has had the political capital to sell that the American public.Continue reading “Trump Probably Doesn’t Want to Delay the Election”


(Original idea used with permission of u/dream_official from reddit’s writing prompts) All the major television networks received the unmarked VHS tape in their morning mailings via USPS priority. Hastily and inconsistently scribbled on every package in all capital letters were the markings of a seasoned attention-seeker: “BREAKING”, “OPEN IMMEDIATELY!!!”, and “IMPORTANT INFORMATION CONTAINED WITHIN!!!”. InsideContinue reading ““Folly””

“Final Interview”

Ransoming wasn’t the chosen practice of the Vietcong on most occasions. It was thought of as a capitalist cudgel of the decadent and corrupt west, and it was—officially—eschewed by Mao Zedong. However, neccesity is what it is, and desperate times call for the wholesale abandonment of principles. The American’s superior technology and constantly-refilling resources were,Continue reading ““Final Interview””